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Ti'Piman, born Carolyne St.Louis, was born and raised in Florida. She was 12 years old when she begged her mom to take her to a model audition . She went to the audition and made it to the second round. Although she didn't make it to the final season, her love for the stage had begun.


Her family, originally from Haiti, always moved around and never really were stable. After loosing their home in Florida, they went to Indiana to stay with family. When she was in the second grade she met a friend and the two of them began dancing and writing music together. Carolyne then met a couple of friends who had a studio and were really musically talented. That's where she recorded her first song called "Point Blank".


Carolyne initially was doing music for fun, however one day someone played a beat and after writing lyrics for it, she thought it could become a career. After a friend, one she created music with, committed suicide, Carolyne stepped away from music. In 2016, her brother passed away and she found herself back in Indiana with her family where she continued to pursue music.




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